Production Technologies of Nickel-Based Super Alloys and Special Steels

Casting and Melting Facility

Casting and Melting Facility includes the bulky ingots melting furnaces such as vacuum-induction melting furnace (VIM), vacuum-arc re-melting furnace( VAC) and electroslag re-melting furnace (ESR) through ALD Vacuum Technologies Germany.,

The ingots of smaller size are melted in CONSARC vacuum-induction melting furnace and vacuum-arc re-melting furnaces.

Casting and Melting Facility is used for production of electrodes, ingots of double (VIM+VAR, VIM+ESR) and triple (VIM+ESR+VAR) re-melting for follow on processes.

Forging and Pressing Facility

The major equipment in CMK's Forging and Pressing Facility is fully computer controlled. Complete synchronization and automation of production provide the required repeatability and stability of the technological processes.

We acquired the best equipment worldwide and used automation experts to provide products of ultra-high quality to our partners.

The Forging and Pressing Facility includes forging and die-forging presses retrofitted by Siempelkamp company, Germany, manipulators and rotary table integrated with the press, Glama handling machines, Löcher high-temperature gas furnaces, Electrotherm chamber electric furnaces for blank tempering and ageing,a system of specified billet cooling during the quenching, a system of forging dies pre-heating in the presses and hammers.

Machining Facility

CMK develops the production process. We improve the machining of our products to provide our partners with the parts that require minimal finishing efforts.

Forged bars are machined on our lathes and cut on Behringer saws; disks, shafts, and other blanks are machined on CNC machining lines.