CMK today

СMK has been implementing a large-scale production upgrading program that affects all its activities: from starting blanks, forging, heat treatment, mechanical treatment of such starting blank up to the testing process of the finished products.


New casting and melting facility incorporating three ALD furnaces for bulky ingots

СMK reaches new production level through the expansion of the sales geography and adoption of new product qualities.

In the melting workshop, the casting and melting facility is commissioned to manufacture heat-resistant nickel-based alloy ingots. This facility incorporates three new furnaces made by ALD Vacuum Technologies Germany for vacuum induction melting (VIM) of the metal and vacuum arc (VAR) and electric slag re-melting (ESR) eeded to manufacture bulky ingots.

Our Company has been upgrading the forging and pressing facility. 40 MN and 100MN presses are upgraded and the control system was made totally automated. Löcher high-temperature furnaces, Glama forging manipulators and loading machines, rotary table, and other peripheral equipment are operating in alliance with the press.


The machines for high-accuracy machining of heat-resistant nickel-based alloy disks and shafts are installed.

CMK strives for adoption of the manufacturing of higher added value products, therefore, CMK is focused on development and extension of the mechanical treatment of the parts to be delivered. State-of-the-art CNC machines are incorporated in the mechanical treatment facility to provide high-accuracy machining of the heat-resistant nickel-based alloy parts and components.

Global quality control is one of the Company’s priority development trends. The Test Centre of the Company is equipped with modern equipment.