Powder metallurgy

The Powder Metallurgy facility in the workshop allows us to obtain the powder of the specified fraction composition of the heat-resistant nickel- and titanium-based alloys in a protective environment.

Prepared powder is filled into the capsules, pressurized, and compacted in a gasostatic extruder with subsequent heat treatment and machining, testing, and inspection.

The CMK technology of parts production from powder is the application of electrode, the special parent material resulted from vacuum-induction melting with fine metal filtration and subsequent vacuum-arc re-melting. This pattern ensures a high purity of the metal, specified fraction composition of the powder, low gas content, stable chemical composition of the powder resulting in a very high and stable set of properties.

Additionally, the technological equipment of the company allows the production of disks and other parts from powder under Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) + forming technique. Application of this technique allows us to achieve the blanks with the special set of properties in different parts of the disks depending on the operating conditions of the disk.