Youth Day. Music party

Jul 1, 2024

Youth Day was marked for CMK metallurgists by the game "QUIZ, PLEASE! Music Party". The event was not only an assessment of the company's employees' musical expertise, logic and erudition, but also demonstrated their team spirit and will to win.

QUIZ, PLEASE! Music Party

Twenty teams took part in the event. Despite the fact that the main organizer of the event was the Youth and Sports Council of CMK, there were no age restrictions for the participants of "QUIZ, PLEASE!". So, along with young specialists, experienced metallurgists also demonstrated their skills and logical abilities.

QUIZ, PLEASE! Musical Party

All participants sought to reflect the atmosphere of the game in the name of their teams. The most creative ones were chosen by open voting in "CMK. Sports and Youth" chat room. They were the members of the teams "Katyusha Ulyanova and the Russian song ensemble " Heat-resistant Ring" and "Red Hot CMK Peppers", who were awarded special prizes.

QUIZ, PLEASE! Musical Party

There were questions on logic, the ability to compare facts about music... All teams showed a deep knowledge of music, so they reached the final table with a minimum gap between each other. So, the third place was taken by the team of the workshop № 510 "Aria Kuznetsov", the second - the team of the guests of the event - SMPP - "Singers of the Factory Front", and the undisputed leaders were the workers of shop No. 001 - the team " Vocal Melts".

QUIZ, PLEASE! Musical Party

However, there were no losers in the musical tournament. After all, everyone, without exception, received an impressive charge of positive emotions, some won prizes, and some received commemorative medals and wonderful gifts.

QUIZ, PLEASE! Musical Party

All participants express their hearty gratitude to CMK management, trade union organization and Youth and Sports Council for the wonderful event that allowed to celebrate Youth Day in an interesting and exciting way.

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