Happy International Women's Day!

Mar 7, 2024

С Международным женским днем!

Dear Ladies,

With all my heart I congratulate you on the main holiday of spring and beauty - International Women's Day, filled with special joy and warmth. On this day we express our sincere respect, love and gratitude to all women - for wisdom and patience, care and kindness, warmth and tenderness, for support and understanding.

You fill our lives with special meaning and brightness. In the modern world you achieve professional success and public recognition. You show yourselves brightly at responsible work, make balanced and correct decisions, easily solve the most difficult tasks, while remaining gentle and caring keepers of home comfort and warmth.

Please accept my warmest and sincere wishes for a wonderful mood, peace of mind and spring inspiration. I wish you good health, family comfort and well-being, joy and success! Be always happy and loved!

Acting General Director
Andrei Zavrazhnov

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