On the Path of Intensive Development

Jan 23, 2024

On the path of intensive development

In 2024, CMK expects intensification of production activities, modernization of existing facilities, expansion of volumes and product range. This is due to changes in the global market, which many domestic enterprises are confronted with. Today, companies are facing strategically important tasks to significantly increase production volumes, which requires not only sufficient production capacity, but also intensive work of the entire company team, consolidation of efforts to fulfill market needs.

In 2023, the investment development program of Stupino Metallurgical Company for 2023-2026 was adjusted. It includes projects aimed at the proportional development of all areas of production along the entire process chain from charge preparation to packaging of finished products. The program includes three fundamental ways of the Company's development: through the modernization of existing facilities, through the implementation of completely new projects involving the purchase of new units of equipment, as well as through the effective lease of machine tools and equipment.

The year 2023 proved to be very successful in terms of project implementation in all three areas. CMK specialists managed to promptly resolve issues related to the search for suppliers from the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Bilateral negotiations were held, during which the Asian partners proved their interest in joint project implementation, demonstrated the high quality of the equipment produced and a mobile after-sales service system. In some areas, in 2023, we managed to complete longer-term projects, as well as implement additional programs designed to increase the Company's capacity.

In 2024, a large-scale investment program is planned for implementation, which will affect almost all divisions of the Company. Since capacity increases are required in all areas of production, modernization of existing equipment units will be carried out both in the main and auxiliary shops of CMK. In the first half of the year it is expected to improve the mechanical section of Shop No. 001. Here, modernization of machine tools will be carried out, including installation of digital program control, modern tool fastening systems, and automatic supply of coolant. It should be noted that this project started already in 2023, so the carousel machines at this site received an upgrade. This will increase the productivity of the site by 30%. It is also planned to modernize the copying and milling machines of Shop No. 210, designed for the production of dies. They will be retrofitted with up-to-date control systems. In the second half of the year, attention will be paid to the Company's smelting capacities: the smelting furnaces of Shops No. 520 and 530 are awaiting upgrades.

The purchase of new equipment is currently the most time-consuming area of the investment program. This is due to both the search for new suppliers and the emerging difficulties of financial settlements with foreign companies. Despite the difficulties, significant projects were implemented in this area in 2023, which will increase productivity by 25-30%. The new year will see the start of the creation of a new disk machining area designed to take into account logistics chains, which will reduce the time between production operations. In workshop No. 002, waste treatment equipment was purchased in 2023, and a similar piece of equipment is planned to be installed this year. Forging production will be equipped with additional furnaces for heating tooling, as well as specialized metal-cutting equipment.

Proportionally to the production volumes, the testing facilities of Shop No. 430 will also be expanded. This is a large-scale project designed for 3 years. It will cover a whole range of testing of products made of heat-resistant nickel and titanium alloys. Not only the throughput capacity of the machines will be increased here, but also the range of tests will be significantly expanded.

Thus, in 2024 the team of metallurgists will face important tasks that meet the development strategy not only of the enterprise, but also of the national industry as a whole. The formed projects will allow CMK to retain its status as a leading manufacturer of critical parts and expand its competencies in terms of integrated product deliveries within competitive timeframes.

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