Perfect Check

Dec 15, 2023

Perfect Check

CMK underwent an inspection audit for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. It was conducted by a representative of the Serbian company TMS CEE doo in order to retain and sustain certification to the international standard ISO 9001 for foreign customers.

Late last year CMK underwent a certification audit, the result of which was the awarding of a certificate to the Company in January 2023. When receiving this document, it was specified that during the three years of its validity our company would need to successfully pass two inspection audits, one of which took place this December.

The audit lasted a week. The inspector carried out spot checks on the Company's subdivisions. Thus, the focus of the auditor's attention was on all processes, starting from the purchase of materials, the production cycle to shipment to the customer.

The audit resulted in confirmation of the high level of CMK production and prolongation of the obtained certificate for one year. All services involved in the audit demonstrated high professionalism, proving once again that the Company is worthy of the trust of its international customers.

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