Nov 20, 2023


Students of Stupino technical school named after A.T. Tumanov visited CMK on an excursion. They are the first-year students of group C-8 specializing in welding. The guys visited non-ferrous metal powders production shop No. 40.

First of all, the students were given a lesson on the basics of workplace safety. After that, they all received helmets and went to the workshop.


At the capsule manufacturing section of Shop No. 40, the students were shown the products at the welding stage. An overview lecture was given by one of the most experienced employees of the site, a welder of the highest qualification category Ivan Nikolaevich Kireev. The students asked questions that interested them and received detailed answers.


- Such events make it possible to familiarize future workers with the structure, conditions and specifics of the Company's operation. Excursions help to maintain students' interest and motivation for training," says Ekaterina Valeryevna Polukhina, Head of CMK Training and Production Complex.

During the excursion, the students not only learned about the activities of the capsule manufacturing area, but also had the opportunity to observe the welding work being performed and try on a welder's mask.

- The students who came to the excursion today are studying the theoretical foundations of welding and metal cutting. The excursion to CMK can be considered a significant stage in their mastering of their future profession. Such excursions are a traditional practice, which allows the guys to familiarize themselves with the enterprise, where they can come to work. Students visit the company with enthusiasm, and the management of the technical school is very pleased with the existing cooperation. Ahead of our students awaits practical training, and then - offers of employment. Therefore, it is very important that they have an idea of where they can work in the future, said Alla Lvovna Patsukova, a teacher of special disciplines at the technical school.


The experience and achievements of the welders that the students saw in Shop 40 are invaluable for their further education and future professional activities.

The participants shared their impressions of the excursion.

Kirill Dobychin:


- It was not by chance that I went to study to be a welder - my father and stepfather are welders, and as a child I saw them at work many times. I became interested in this profession. So I went to study. By the way, I have already had practice in this profession. Today we had an interesting and informative excursion, we had a lot of questions, to which we received detailed answers.

Kristina Emelyanova:


- I once went to an open day at Stupino Technical College, where I took part in a master class on welding. I really liked the process and wanted to learn this particular profession. My parents supported me. Now I am studying, and today I took part in the excursion. I liked it very much at CMK, it was interesting to observe how welding works take place at the capsule production site. Perhaps in the near future I will come to work for the Company.

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