The Main Forum of Metallurgists 2023

Nov 15, 2023


The 29th International Industrial Exhibition Metal-Expo'2023, in which CMK participated as an exhibitor, took place November 7-10 at EXPOCENTRE, Moscow. A rich business program, meetings with suppliers and customers, intensive negotiation activities, scientific and practical conferences and professional competitions allowed to outline new trends in the metals market, form the key goals and objectives of the industry, and provide a portfolio of orders for all market participants.

In 2023, the exposition expanded significantly, bringing together 815 leading enterprises of the metallurgical complex, and was visited by more than 30 thousand consumers of metal products from the construction industry, machine building, fuel and energy complex, representatives of transportation, logistics and metal trading companies. The exhibition was visited by a large-scale Chinese delegation - more than 350 companies took part in the forum.

The four days of the forum turned out to be bright and intense: negotiations were constantly held at the stands of the companies, the guests of the exhibition got acquainted with the novelties of the exhibitors, active discussions concerning scientific and practical directions of the industry development took place in the conference halls, the issues of strategic cooperation with professional communities were discussed at the exposition areas.

This year, the concept of Stupino Metallurgical Company's stand reflected the key importance of metallurgy in the development of major industries. Four elements: Air, representing aircraft construction; Water, representing shipbuilding; Earth, reflecting mechanical engineering; and Fire, which is the basis of CMK's metallurgical production, symbolizing red-hot metal, were combined into a single interactive solution.


The conceptual uniqueness of the CMK exposition was highly appreciated by the Exhibition Organizers. On Friday, November 10, the awarding ceremony of Metal-Expo'2023 winners in the nomination "For the Best Exposition" took place. Out of 815 participants only 100 companies were honored, including Stupino Metallurgical Company. CMK was awarded the Cup "For the Best Exposition".


More than 50 business and informal events were held during the exhibition, tens of thousands of meetings and business negotiations of metallurgists with clients and partners took place at the stands. The business program of the forum included awards to enterprises, companies and institutes for high-tech developments of equipment, technologies and products of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. The silver medal was awarded to the joint project of CMK (laureates Shmelev V.P. and Mikhailov D.V.) and Reliability of Heavy Machinery, LLC (laureates Surkov I.A., Timokhin I.V. and Kravtsov N.S.) - for expansion of technological capabilities of powerful hydraulic presses of aviation industry on the example of increasing the press force from 15 MN to 20 MN (while maintaining the existing basic parts) at CMK".


As Alexander Romanov, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Metal-Expo, noted at the closing of the Metallurgists' Forum, "many things have changed over the last year: investment plans, intentions for reconstruction and technical re-equipment, logistics, supply and procurement, and personnel renewal. Against this background, many consumers of steel products from the aircraft, shipbuilding, automotive, oil and gas, transportation and energy sectors were glad to have the opportunity to meet at the stands of their suppliers. The guests of the exhibition were able to learn about promising developments, new services and progressive models of cooperation.

Alexander Romanov:

- The exhibition once again proved its efficiency and significant potential. Offline communication and event marketing showed high demand. Direct contact between producers and consumers, discussion of industry know-how, exchange of experience and long-term forecasts, discussion of prospective strategies will undoubtedly be important factors in the further development of the metallurgical complex and related industries.

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