I Live with Sport!

Aug 14, 2023

I Live with Sport!

Stupino residents celebrated the Day of Physical Education Workers with a big sports festival. The large-scale event under the motto "I Live by Sport" took place in the renovated park named after N.I. Ostrovsky in Stupino. Employees of SMK JSC became its active participants - a total of thirty representatives of the labor collective from the company took to the starting lanes and sports grounds.

I Live with Sport!

The holiday energized all the participants and put them in a great mood. Everyone could choose an activity to their liking. Various tournaments, checkers, yoga, football, trainings and theme photo zones quickly found their fans.

The physical training holiday was opened by the deputy of the regional parliament Andrei Golubev. The guest of honor wished the participants good luck and high achievements:

- In recent years, thanks to the support of Governor Andrey Yuryevich Vorobyov's team, we have been creating even more conditions for mass physical training and sports. All this is being done to attract people to a healthy lifestyle. And I am sure that here - on the Stupino land - there will be more and more those who go with sports in life, and therefore - healthy, strong, beautiful people. The deputy head of the Stupino city district Yulia Kalinina on behalf of the head of the municipality presented the best athletes and coaches of the district with certificates of honor and letters of thanks. - I want to congratulate all our wonderful athletes, coaches, instructors in physical training and just everyone who every day likes to do physical training and sports and make their lives brighter and more diverse. I wish everyone success in labor, in life, in sports, let everything work out and come true! - Yulia Yurievna noted. As part of the holiday there was a mass two kilometers race in the park. S.I. Polyakov, a representative of the SMK athletics team, finished third among all participants. Sergey Igorevich has been working at SMK since 2000 and has been constantly participating in the company's sporting events throughout these years.

It should be said that all participants of the race, among whom there were many children, received commemorative medals and a charge of good mood. In addition to sports and intellectual games, the residents of Stupino could see demonstrations by the Stupino bmx team and the cheerleading section. For many residents of the district, sports and physical training are a way of life. This was confirmed by the competition between sports families. Children and parents competed in a difficult but fun relay race. One of the brightest participants of the spectacular action was the Zhigachev family, their head - Dmitry Vladimirovich - works as an assembler in shop No. 960 of JSC "CMK". All the family together: mother, father, 8-year-old Julia, 6-year-old Roma and 4-year-old Dima - defended the honor of JSC "CMK" and, it must be said, successfully coped with the task assigned to them.

Dmitry Vladimirovich Zhigachev, assembler of shop No. 960:

- It was the first time our family participated in such competitions, and we plan to keep going. My wife Alla and I used to play amateur sports. We are fond of football and try to make sure that sport is present in our children's lives. Our daughter is already a young cheerleader, and our sons are beginning football players. And today we tried to show all our sports qualities. Everything went great: the kids had fun, we got a charge of good mood. This is a great example for children and a significant contribution to the health and vigor of each participant.

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