Congratulations on the Metallurgist Day!

Jul 12, 2023

Congratulations on the Metallurgist Day!

Dear colleagues!

I congratulate you on your professional holiday —the Metallurgist's Day!

Metal is one of the most important materials that provides a solid foundation for the development of the domestic economy, and high-quality alloys are the key to a powerful industry.

Working in the metallurgical industry requires strong qualities of a human character: responsibility, courage, strong willpower. Each of you has these qualities, which, together with high professionalism, responsibility and dedication to your work, allow you to confidently develop the domestic metallurgy.

I express my gratitude to you for conscientious work, devotion to the profession, preservation and enhancement of the best traditions laid down by veterans, a significant contribution to strengthening the industry and the economy as a whole.

On this wonderful day, I wish you good health, optimism and prosperity! Wish all your dreams come true, the best projects be successfully implemented, and peace and love reign in your families!

With kindest regards,

CMK General Director

V.P. Shmelev

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