Memorable trip

Jul 17, 2023

Memorable trip

Memorable trip

On July 11, on the eve of the Metallurgist's Day, a festive concert was held in Moscow, which was attended by CMK employees headed by V.A. Bukin, Chairman of the trade union organization.

This year the Sapphire Hall of the Salyut Hotel Complex opened its doors to the metallurgists. Comfortable photo zones "Happy Metallurgist's Day", cozy halls with fountains and views of Moscow and a welcome dinner pleased the participants of the event.

On behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin the attendees were congratulated on their professional holiday - Metallurgist's Day - by Mikhail Tarasenko, Secretary of the Central Committee of the GMPR ( Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union of Russia) for relations with the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the MOP, Deputy of the State Duma.

The program included awarding the winners of various contests in nominations: for the best social policy and guarantees, work with youth, work on labor protection. The awards "flew" to different corners of our country, and everyone present felt being a part of the huge corporation of the Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union of Russia, which cares so much about ordinary people of labor.

Stupino delegation was met by representatives of the Moscow Regional Trade Union R.A. Smorodinskaya and E.F. Vyshivanyuk, with whom the CMK activists participated in May Day demonstrations on the Red Square and seminars of trade union activists. We joined a large family of trade union members who came from different parts of Russia.

A highlight of the evening was the performance of the group "Viva", consisting of five tenors of world renown, participants of numerous TV projects, winners of international competitions. They lit up the hall with their energy, polyphony, singing well-known hits, to which the whole hall sang along. The group radiated such positivity that many people could not stay in their seats and danced with the soloists, who willingly went into the hall and sang along with the audience.

As it turned out, the young but very talented group "Viva" performs at concert halls all over the country, and the geography of their tour coincides with the cities to which the union awards went.

The common photo will preserve for many years the unforgettable impressions of the trip and of CMK's involvement in such a power as the Mining and Metallurgical Trade Union of Russia.

We thank the organizers - V.P. Shmelev, CMK General Director, and V.A. Bukin, Chairman of the trade union organization - for such a festive trip to the Metallurgist's Day.

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