Aluminum alloys production process

Casting and Melting Facility

The equipment for production of ingots from aluminum alloys contains the up-to-date casting tools- the SNIF system of secondary processing.

The Facility includes HERTWICH homogenizing furnaces that provide the high accuracy of the metal heating.

Rolling Facility

The facility includes two-stand hot-rolling mill with electric heating furnaces, cold rolling mills, auxiliary equipment, heat-treatment facilities and finishing lines.

Pressing Facility

CMK produces such as tubes, sections, and bars of aluminum alloys by the tube pressing facilities mainly hydraulic presses, section and bar pressing and heat-treatment lines, cold rolling tube mills.

Die-Forging Facility

Compound-contour die-forgings of aluminum alloys are produced in the Die-Forging Facility on the basis of the vertical 100 MN hydraulic press. All of the Forging Facility equipment is automatic controlled providing the repeatability and stability required for the forging production.

Hydraulic 300 MN and 100 MN presses are used for manufacturing of the die forgings including the bulky die-forgings.