CMK launches the new Forging-and-Pressing Facility

Nov 1, 2013


The advanced equipment will enable the Company to increase the production output and improve the quality of the heat-resistant and nickel-based alloy products for the domestic market, diversify the product list and certify the production in terms of the international standards (Nadcap, ASTM, AMS, etc.). CMK has been implementing the export development program that involves the entry to the global market including the supplies to the engine manufacturers (Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Snecma, and others.) and expansion of the export share up to 30% of the production output as a first goal.

Forging-and-Pressing Facility launched today includes: 4,000 ton forging press and 10,000 ton die-forging press upgraded by Siempelkamp, two heavy-duty manipulator and rotary table integrated with manipulator, Glama handling robots,   Löcher high-temperature furnaces, and associated equipment.

Production Development Investment Program approved in 2010 involves the purchasing and installation of the advanced casting and melting, forging, machining, and test equipment, profound upgrading and revamp of the existing equipment designed for manufacturing and machining of the billets of heat-resistant nickel-based alloys, implementation of new processes, alloys, and products.

The representatives of the Supreme Council of Moscow Region Governor joined the delegation of A.Yu.Vorobiev, the Governor. The Company’s achievements in implementation of the production upgrading program were presented during their field visit.

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