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Feb 16, 2021


At the end of 2020 CMK successfully confirmed the compliance with Quality Management System TÜV SÜD certificate once again.

Any consumer needs to get qualitative goods or service. And if we speak about such a serious industry as metallurgy, the matter of quality becomes the most important thing. Taking this into account, the system of rules and techniques has been developed that gives a possibility to keep quality high. And responsibility for it lies with Quality Management System that has been successfully applied and functions at CMK.

The head of Standardization and Quality Management System Department Olga V. Lapina points out that Quality Management System has been existing at the enterprise since 1998. Since the same time the company has Quality Management System TÜV SÜD certificate.

“Having this certificate, we can come into industry market and let a consumer know that our production conforms with the definite quality level,” Olga explains. “Moreover, there is an item in production supply agreements, which says that our production is manufactured in conditions that conform with the certificate requirements.”

Getting Quality Management TÜV SÜD certificate is a difficult and laborious procedure. At first we make many months arrangements, and then auditors come to the enterprise and evaluate all processes – material purchase, production activities, repair and new equipment procurement, sales, products shipment, etc. Almost all Departments of the company are engaged in the audit.

"The certificate is given for three years by the results of this activity, but we confirm the compliance with the specified conditions annually,” Olga Lapina notes. CMK successfully confirmed the compliance with the certificate that is valid from 2020 to 2023 last December. Hard work preceded this. – There is such an instrument as conducting internal audits. We make a program for a year and check all the Departments of the company for compliance with the internal requirements that are based on external quality standards. It allows us to prepare for a visit of external auditors,” Olga Lapina says.

Inspections by Quality Management System TÜV SÜD representatives are being made stepwise. Nineteen processes are allocated at the enterprise. Auditors evaluate them by effectiveness criteria; their compliance with procedures is checked according to the regulation. It is notable that at a recertification audit all the nineteen processes are evaluated, and at surveillance that confirms the existing certificate the processes are evaluated selectively.

“During inspections as a rule some reprimands are issued. This is absolutely natural. During the last inspection only two nonconformities were revealed; we should elaborate corrective actions and send the plan of fulfillment to the recertification body. When the document is approved, we fulfill the corrective actions and send the relevant confirmations to auditors”, Olga Lapina explains.

It also should be noted that training on Quality Management System for employees from all departments is provided annually to improve qualitative characteristics. It is organized by work training centre on received request with employees of Standardization Department and Quality Management System as tutors.

That is why highly professional and responsible employees are the absolute advantage of CMK. Their qualification allows keeping Quality Management System at the appropriate level and meeting the requirements of international standards.

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