Kolachev’s conference – 2017

Reports on scientific development of the Stupino Metallurgical Company were presented by our specialists at the third intercollegiate scientific and practical conference «Kolachevskie Chteniya», traditionally held on the basis of the MAI Stupino branch. This time it was devoted to the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the first department of the university - "Metal Science and Hot Metal Treatment". Today it is called "Technology and automation of material processing."
The welcoming speech to the conference participants was addressed by the Director of the MAI Stupino branch Viktor Nikolayevich Uvarov, who announced the beginning of the work of the sections, which were five. Specialists of CMK took part in the work of the section "Materials Science, Technology and Automation of Material Processing", which is headed by Ph.D. in Technical Sciences O.A. Polyakov: the head of the technical processes designing department Alexey V. Pchelnikov, the production engineer Nina Aleksandrovna Kazakova, the head of the technical office for VAR and ESR Sergey Malyutin. Questions and problems related to modern methods of materials research, types and modes of their processing, which are applied in the processing with technological equipment, automated production and process control systems, design, application of informatics and mathematical statistics in materials science, application of materials in various fields of industry, research of new materials were touched upon.

The following sections were also presented: Informatics, Computer Science and Management for IT Professionals, Aerospace Engineering and Technology, Management and Social-Economic Problems of Modern Society, and the Young Researcher for high school students. The head of the Stupino region Pavel Ivanovich Chelpan noted that from year to year «Kolachevskie Chteniya» becomes more and more popular; the conference expands its geography and attracts new participants and researchers.
Nina Alexandrovna Kazakova devoted her report to the problem of production of critical duty disks of nickel based alloy Inconel-718. It considered structure examination, mechanical properties, the development of forging of Inconel-718 alloy based parts, presented a new approach to the design of technological processes of manufacturing of discs forgings for critical purposes with the use of modeling. The report of Sergey Malyutin was devoted to the peculiarities of electroslag remelting of an electrode from a high-temperature nickel based alloy.

- One of the ways to improve the quality, increase the service life and reliability of products from high-temperature nickel based alloys is to improve the purity of the metal by improving the technology of melting. The main reason for the poor quality of cast billets is the presence of nonmetallic inclusions and a high content of gases, - was the beginning of Sergei Vitalievich’s speech.

The types of nonmetallic inclusions in vacuum induction melting were considered in detail, the complex of VIM + ESR + VAR furnaces ALD, installed in the workshop No. 530 for the production of large ingots, was presented. Our specialist gave a detailed account of the melting process, analyzed the macrostructure and chemical composition of the ingots produced, and also made conclusions about the most promising directions of work in the way of minimizing nonmetallic inclusions in the composition of high-temperature nickel based alloys.
The work of the section was completed by questions from students and teachers, to which the expert speakers successfully responded, and by the presentation of letters of gratitude and memorable awards. The reports of Nina Kazakova and Sergey Malyutin were marked as the best in their section. Tatiana EVDOKIMOVA

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