Happy Metallurgist Day!

Jul 15, 2016

Dear metallurgists! Dear colleagues!

With all my heart I congratulate You on the professional holiday – Metallurgist Day! This is a holiday of role-model workers, real professionals, in whose hands steel is hardened, who can cope with difficulties and go ahead confidently.

For many years metallurgy has been one of the main world economy branches, providing high stability and sustainable development of the home industry. Stupino Metallurgical Company, for 75 years already, has been supplying our partners with critical products of highest quality, actively integrating innovations, performing continuous technical re-equipment, paying special attention to effective industrial and responsible social policy.

The basis of any enterprise is human capital, high-qualified staff. Stupino Metallurgical Company can be proud of its metallurgists – strong, confident, strong-willed people, to whom metal resigns itself, who address each job in a responsible manner.

75 years ago, in 1940, thanks to selfless work of the Stupino metallurgists, CMK released the first batch of finished products. This became a life-changing event not only for the enterprise but also for the whole town of Stupino, which is justifiably named a metallurgist town. For many years the town dwellers have been carrying on the traditions of the plant founders, forming labour dynasties and transferring experience from generation to generation.

Speaking about the achievements of Stupino Metallurgical Company, we pay homage to the industry veterans with sincere gratitude, who were creating our enterprise by their hard work, determination, unbreakable enthusiasm, result orientation. Today this rich fund of experience and knowledge is transferred to the young generation of metallurgists, who integrate innovation technologies into the production process and implement the set tasks successfully.

I would like to make special acknowledgements to the people standing at the furnaces, rolling mills, presses, and machines. Without the working man, his creative labour, proficiency and talent we would not have our today’s achievements!

Along with congratulations to my colleagues on the professional holiday, I would like to thank each metallurgist for working achievements and faithfulness to the selected job. I wish You success in Your affairs, high professional achievements, new joyful discoveries, strong reliable backgrounds, and most important – health, love and welfare!

Happy Holiday! Happy Metallurgist Day!

Managing Director of CMK JSC – A.I.Grishechkin

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