Have a nice meal!

Jul 5, 2016

Tasty meat cutlets, barbecue, stuffed zucchini, parboiled humpback salmon with veggies, home-style roast meat, pancakes with fillings, French-style chicken breast… Got your appetite run wild? Well then it’s about time to go to the cafeteria. To the renewed cafeteria of Workshop No.410 or the dietetic cafeteria of Workshop No.510. Quite recently repair works have been completed there, and the range of dishes has been renewed a little bit.

Within less than a month repair works were performed in the cafeteria of Workshop No.410. Here ceiling panels and lighting were replaced, the walls in all subsidiary rooms and the dining hall were painted and whitewashed, the ventilation system was repaired. Large-scale works were performed in the washing and meat departments, cold dish workshop, and in the sanitary facilities mixer taps and wash basins were replaced. New heating systems appeared in the cafeteria to let the employees have their meals in warmth and comfort in winter time. New equipment has been installed for the cafeteria: a modern food service line with a new counter for cold dishes, a heating plate of Korean production, which prevents food from getting cold. In all cafeterias electronic area scales appeared.

– I would like to thank our Managing Director Alexander Ivanovich Grishechkin that he listened to our requests and made a decision on repairs of the cafeterias and found opportunities to purchase new equipment, – Marina Yuryevna Morozova, Head of Food Services Workshop No.450, pointed out. – I would also like to thank the Deputy Chief Engineer for Repair and Construction Works and General Issues, Sergey Anatolyevich Semenkov, who supervised all the works personally. Great help was rendered to us by the workers of Workshops No.510 (Alexey Vladimirovich Shustin as Head), No.290 (Maksim Borisovich Pushilin as Head), No.570 (German Yuryevich Ershov as Head), No.960 (Pavel Andreyevich Smirnov as Head), Purchase Direction headed by Artem Mikhaylovich Podlipayev as well as the workers of Workshop No.960 who were performing the works.

Simply in a week a little facelift in the cafeteria of Workshop No.510 went down a storm, where a dietetic menu is presented from now on. As Marina Yuryevna notes, she has received multiple requests to keep the dietary menu. So a decision was made to transfer the “dietetic one” to Workshop No.510 and to give it a little facelift which has also been completed already.

Quite not every manufacturing enterprise in Stupino can impress one with presence of a food services area for employees. There are currently three such areas in CMK: the cafeteria incorporated in Workshop No.510 with a dietary menu, the newly repaired cafeteria in Workshop No.410 which works in two shifts till 20:00. For those who want to buy some food for take-away, a little food stand is open here with ice-cream, juices, drinking water and various grocery. In the cafeteria of the office building two halls are presented: one for reception of official delegations and one as a meal-place for CMK’s associates. A little facelift is also planned here in the nearest time.

– We work for our associates to make them feel comfortable, cosy and pleased. So, not only high-quality cooked and tasty food, beautifully served dishes play a role here, but also a pleasant atmosphere, light halls, cleanliness and tidiness, – Marina Yuryevna emphasized.

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