Following Modern Trends

Jun 8, 2016

Following Modern Trends

A new logistic center, established at CMK, unified previously separate departments No.270 and No.800 for finished products storage. The new workshop No.290 is named the central storage facility and is headed by Maksim Borisovich Pushilin.

Creation of a modern logistic center is meant to solve tasks on production cost minimization, increase of effectiveness of interaction with external customers, curtailing of variable costs during product and blank transportation from one workshop to another.

As the head of workshop No.№290 Maksim Pushilin notes, creation of such structure is driven by the attempt to unify all processes connected with finished products storage at a single place.

— This is an absolutely correct, reasonable and necessary decision made by our executives, — considers Maksim Pushilin. — Today we are facing big tasks. We need to rapidly adjust all production processes, assimilate and implement improved working principles allowing our associates and customers to work in a simplier and more convenient way. The system needs to be well-functioning and to run like clockwork.

Currently establishment of a unified centralized system is going on, new technologies are being integrated for receipt, storage, redistribution, delivery and shipment to external and internal consumers of finished products. An address-based facility is being established.

Address-based facility is a way to place goods in the storage, where each storage spot is assigned an individual number or address. The address-based storage system helps to solve numerous tasks, for example, to increase effectiveness of storage space use, to curtail time for order selection, to optimize the work of the storage staff and a lot more.

As Maksim Borisovich notes, address-based storage for finished products has already been established. It allows to have information on the quantity, volume, storage place of the required product unit. The principal task that the workshop employees are facing now is to form similar data fixed in the program on each product unit coming to the storage, shipped and distributed among workshops, and to integrate an address-based facility on reception and shipment of primary and support materials, based on the world logistic centers’ experience.

Currently 45 people work in the new workshop that was established on Frebruary 1, 2016. All handling operations are performed on a centralized basis. The data is added to the 1C Enterprise computer program. The workshop is furnished with modern equipment: charging machines, special racks, clamp trucks, cranes, beam cranes as well as special devices for reading data about each product unit.

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