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Mar 10, 2016

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In January 2016 the melting operators of Workshop No.530 manufactured a large-sized ingot with a weight of 4.5 tons made of alloy Inkonel718, having a unique combination of operational charachteristics. This alloy is complex due to tendency towards segregation (chemical inhomogeneity) and it makes ingot production much more difficult. We should note that not all metallurgical enterprises can provide the required properties of obtained parts made of the alloy, and, as a consequence, they take on such orders with great caution.

The first experience of melting Inkonel718 ingots smaller in diameter was obtained far in 2015 in the process of assimilation of the VAR vacuum arc furnace by "ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH". At that period our employees carried out melting and remelting of obtained electrodes using modes presented by the German colleagues. After metallographic studies of quality of the obtained ingots by CMK specialists, ih-house modes of manufacturing products using Inkonel718 were developed at all stages of melting. It had a positive effect in respect of quality of manufactured parts. At the end of 2015 disk blanks made of this alloy were obtained by order of "MAN Diesel & Turbo Se" with the aim of their certification. The quality of the parts completely met the German company's satisfaction, and our enterprise got an order for manufacturing of the first production batch of disk blanks made of alloy Inkonel718.

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