CMK Corporation has proved the highest competence in aviation materials production

Oct 16, 2014

The IAC AR Certificate verifies the capability of a company to make products in accordance to the international requirements. It is an accreditation service that is a necessary criteria to supply aerospace materials to the avia- and aircraft engine industries of Russia and CIS. The approval (certificate) was issued to CMK in 2012 and from that time CMK has passed the annual IAC AR audits.

The last audit was performed August 11 – 13. The capabilities of the plant had been assessed by 8 audit inspectors. The main focus was addressed to the Test Labs, the production sections, Department of Standardization and Quality Systems as well as the commercial sales and procurement departments.

The auditors discussed with CMK Production Planning and Quality Managers the estimated and actual volumes for years 2013 and 2014, conformance to Quality and Manufacturing Standards, the state of the facilities, equipment, and production and auxiliary units. There was also discussion of customer compliance, production defects, analysis of the quality and stability properties, staff training and certification to identify a few.

In addition, except the SPM-5/6 Certificate for production process, a special “authorization letter” for manufacturing the semi-finished products (titanium forged bars and parts), the forged parts of nickel base superalloys and forged parts of steel were issued.

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